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Welcome to our web site

Talon painting

Painting of young pup by Gary Buys


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Rita pup pointSally pup point

Congratulations you have found the right place for the best PL's in the country!

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Yellow cowgirlBlack Cowboy

Colorado Cowgirl and Cowboy Pups

Who we are

We are professional breeders and trainers leading the way with excellent pointing labs. Why talk to us? Several Reasons. We know what good dogs are. Any one can make that claim. We have experience few others have as we have trained hundreds of dog for our clients. We have titled them at the highest levels in the AKC , APLA and HRC hunt test organization. We are in the field virtually everyday working dogs. We have learned how dogs think ,learn, develop, and what they are capable of accomplishing. Our experience has taught us what to look for in pedigrees and the types of traits that will make an excellent companion, hunter or competitive dog. We can offer this experience as a resource in helping you find the right dog for your needs. Whether it is a companion for you and your family, a hunting partner that is a joy to spend time in the field with or a competitive dog to run events with. Our dogs are breed to excel in all of these areas.

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Drake Pointing

Started dog in training should be ready March/April time frame

Poudre River's Duck Soup Drake

Strong pointer and retriever $4500

Contact us with more info about Drake.

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Mav photo Abby Maveric Point 1


PRG's Bird Magic Maverick and PRG's Big Action Abby

Both of these dogs carry (HOF) HRCH 4XGMPR MH QAA Bar None's Snake River Otter's blood on to the next generation. We have high expectations for these two dogs. They are already showing us goods things.


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Our primary goal is simple to produce a better dog.

While this is what we do for a living we will not crank out average our marginal dogs to make a buck. We also will not breed our females to death. We have a great deal of respect for these animals and develop a personal relationship with all of them. We do much more than just feed, pick up poop, breed our females and send off puppies. Our dogs and their owners are important to us.

Otter pupPheasant 1

Pedigrees make a difference in dogs.

They provide a track record to look at over several generations. We have arguably some of the best bred pointing labs in the country. We back that statement up with pedigrees that are second to none. Our dogs have several generations of proven performers in the fields hunting and with ribbons awarded from judges. All you need to do is look and compare our pedigrees to other kennels and you will notice the difference.

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We invest in our dogs and our clients.

How do we do that? By developing and proving our dogs abilities year after year in the field and at hunt tests. All of our dogs are run in several different test organizations. While for many breeders out there entry level titles are considered good enough to crank out the pups we have much higher expectations. As Professional trainers we know what good dogs are capable of achieving. Our expectations for all our dogs is 4X Grand Master Pointing Retrievers. We invest a significant amount of time and money to make this a reality and we believe everyone benefits from this. We currently we have four 4X GMPR's in our kennel. We have several other dogs we expect to be 4X GMPR's as well.

EG pupsChoco pups

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PL pups being pups

What's New?

There is only one trainer in the country that has produced training dvd's for the pointing lab. Gary Buys. Check out the latest on our Pointing Lab Training DVD's. Give your pup a head start and build a strong foundation for the future by teaching them the fundamentals early. They are ready for crate training, socialization, exposure to the world around them, introduction to birds, physical conditioning and puppy retrieves as soon as the go home at eight weeks old. Gary has produced Six DVD's so far including the 4 DVD set Training The Pointing Retriever, Advanced Upland For The Pointing Lab, 2 DVD set Complete Upland Training For The Pointing Lab and Get Into The Gray Matter How to Teach The Way Your Dog Thinks and Learns. Learn more on how to train your pointing lab from one of the leading pointing lab trainers in the country Gary Buys.


There is several places you can get more information about our dogs and our pups by clicking the navigation buttons on the top of this page. There is also an article " How to Pick A Pup" we have written that has been helpful for others in their search for the right dog.

Let us know if we can help you find the pup or started dog your searching for.


Updated 02/28/2015